Rent the best boat in Ibiza, Monterey 278 Super Sport

Sailing on the water and admiring the maritime landscape, from the front row, is something very attractive for those who like adventure; with the Monterey 278 Super Sport you will be able to sail the waters of Ibiza, in company or alone.
Today you will know a little about this spectacular boat, which you can rent from the web of in the three seasons of vacation: low, medium and high, for a comfortable cost and will give you thousands of experiences and memories to share.

Details about the boat

Sport boats for rent in Ibiza

The Monterey 278 Super Sport has a bimini awning and two solariums, one at the bow and the other at the stern, so that the rest of the incessant sun is continuous and adequate. Its powerful 425hp Mercruiser engine makes it perform at its best and adds comfort to the trip, without any setback.
It has a length of 8.5 meters long, with a maximum capacity of 8 people and has identified an area for food, as well as a refrigerator and a refrigerator to keep food and beverages in good condition.
It also has a ladder that allows you to go up and down the water, to take a bath in the waters of the Pitiusas Islands, for example. You can listen your favourite music in the stereo with Bluetooth technology by remote control, or take a fresh water shower on the outside of the boat.
Its electric windlass with anchor is necessary to allow you to anchor in those waters so perfect, and has a GPS to locate you at any time, plus a VHF radio to keep you communicated.
This model is from 2016 and its fuel consumption is 75 liters per hour; it is also of the open boat type, being one of the fastest in the catalog. Choosing it will be a great success, as you can navigate the sea without worrying about anything.
It is 2.6 meters wide, which is ideal for two people to sit next to each other in a very comfortable way. Its storage capacity is 208 liters of fuel and 52 liters of water. Its displacement is 1792 kilograms.
In terms of electricity, the Monterey 278 Super Sport has deck and internal lights, its bilge pump is automatic, with a double battery that can be disconnected manually.
This is one of the greatest motorboats to rent from this store, most visitors prefer a much longer length, as it has, in addition to its excellent features.
Sailing in this open boat will be a gift from paradise, you can anchor anywhere in the Spanish waters without any problem, practice your water sports and spend a good day in a new landscape.
The services to rent yachts that offers you are simply excellent, for the lovers of the sea there is too much variety, as for accessories for their own boats, accessories for the sports and boats as the Monterey 278 Super Sport in rent.